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Head of the Department,
 Ph.D., Assoc.Prof.

Liubov Sheptytska

The history of the department begins in the mid-twentieth century, when a general social sciences department was created at the UNFU which has gone the way of great transformations.

 In November 1990, based on the Department of Political History of the 20th century, the Department of History of Ukraine was established.

 In 2005, the Department was renamed the Department of History of Ukraine, Political Science and Law. It provides the teaching of humanities in all the educational-research institutes of the university and provides a high level of knowledge, historical and political science thinking and legal training of students. In the structure of the Department, there are three sections - historical, political science and legal.

 Along with the provision of the teaching-and-educational process, the teachers of the Department are actively engaged in research activities, participate in international and all-Ukrainian conferences. Over the past 15 years alone, the teachers of the Department have published 11 monographs and textbooks, a number of scientific articles.

 The teaching staff of the Department actively participate in the programme of greening the educational process. The collective manual Greening liberal arts education was published, edited by Acad. NAS of Ukraine Yu. Yu. Tunytsya.

 The development of the Ukrainian state, the revival of the Ukrainian nation need the active implementation of the Concept of national-patriotic education of youth. The teachers of the Department take an active part in the organization and running  of the university-wide events: solemn academies, flash mobs, quests, round tables dedicated to significant events and prominent figures of Ukraine.

 In different years, the Department was staffed by specialist teachers: the professors V.O. Kondratyuk, O.I. Yurystovsky, the associate professors S.I. Vasyuta, V.O. Gavrylenko, I.P. Golubenko, M.I. Gaykovsky, O.Yu. Zaitsev, V.N. Kravchenko, V.Yu. Chopovsky, I.Ya. Solyar, N.V. Gaponyuk, O.V. Omelchenko, G.S. Gulyk, the senior lecturers R. B. Bedriy, I. M. Vitkovska, T.Ya. Dovgy, V.V. Remenyak, I.I. Ogorodnyk, I.Ya. Shemechko, R.F. Martynyshyn and others.

 The Department has a legal lecture hall Youth and Law and a free legal consultation office for students.

 The teaching staff of the Department, understanding the priorities of the present, directs their efforts to training professionals for the sustainable development and education of true patriots of Ukraine.


  1. Liubov Sheptytska, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof.
  2. Nataliia Zakharchyn, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof.
  3. Mykola Ivanyk, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof.
  4. Ihor Salamakha, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof,
  5. Olesia Remeniak, Senior lecturer.

  • History of Ukraine
  • Political Science
  • Fundamentals  of democracy
  • Ukraine in Europe and the world
  • Science of law
  • Labour law
  • Business law
  • Administrative law
  • International private and contract law
  • Environmental legislation and  environmental rights
  • History and culture of Ukraine
  • Legal regulation of business operations

The main area of the research activity of the department is Problems of decentralization of power and development of local self-government in Ukraine: traditions and modernity ( research supervisors:  L.B.Sheptytska, PhD (History), Associate Professor; M.M. Ivanyk, PhD (History), Associate Professor.

The main lines of research activities of the teachers of the Department:

  • Assoc. Prof. L.B. Sheptytska, PhD (History), - historical and legal aspects of the activity of political, public associations and state-building structures of the 1920s - 1930s;
  • Assoc. Prof. N.G. Zakharchyn, PhD (History),  Administrative and customary legal regulation of rural community life in the Second Polish Republic (The Second Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth);
  • Assoc. Prof. M.M. Ivanyk, PhD (History) - theory and history of local self-government in Ukraine;
  • Assoc. Prof. I.P.Salamakha, PhD (History) - protection of historical monuments in East Galicia, the 19th - the 1st half of the 20th century;
  • Senior lecturer O.V. Remenyak - decentralization of public authority in legal theory and state-building practice.

Training manuals:

  1. Business law. Training manual / Edit. V.L Ortynsky.- K. Znannya, 2008. 359 pp.[in Ukrainian]

2.Zakharchyn, N.G.; Yurystovsky, O.I.; Sheptytska, L.B.,2010: Political science. Training manual. Lviv: Liga Press. 202 pp.[in Ukrainian]

  1. Modern technologies of teaching humanities and social disciplines. Training manual / Edit. V.O. Kondratyuk. Lviv: UNFU, 2014. 88 pp. [in Ukrainian]
  2. Kondratyuk, V.O.; Ivanyk, M.M., 2016: Ukraine at the turn of the millennium. Independence Age. Manual. Lviv: Liga Press. 158 pp. [in Ukrainian]
  3. Greening of liberal arts education: history of Ukraine, political science, law. Training manual. Second edition, supplemented and revised / Ed. Prof. Yu.Yu. Tunytsya. Lviv: Liga Press, 2016. 308 pp. [in Ukrainian]

Compendiums of lectures:

  1. Ivanyk, M.M.; Salamakha, I.P.,2009: Ukraine in European integration

     processes. Lviv: UNFU. 152pp. [in Ukrainian]

  1. Remenyak, O.V.; Ogorodnyk, I.I.; Martynyshyn, R.F., 2011: Administrative

    law. Lviv: UNFU. 197 pp. [in Ukrainian]

  1. Gan, T.V.; Martynyshyn, R.F.; Remenyak, O.V.,2013: Environmental

    legislation and environmental rights. Lviv.UNFU. 243 pp. [in Ukrainian]

  1. Sheptytska, L.B., 2017: International private and contract law. Lviv.

    UNFU. 158 pp. [in Ukrainian]

  1. Zakharchyn, N.G., 2017: Fundamentals of democracy. Lviv, UNFU. 92 pp.

      [in Ukrainian]

  1. Remenyak, O.V., 2018: Legal regulation of business operations. Lviv.

    UNFU. 98 pp. [in Ukrainian]

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